Sarah has completely redesigned Copenhagens oldest public library for children, Vesterbro Children’s Library, solely through the use of colour.

Through an elaborate colour scheme inspired by nature and by the historical and colourful facades of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Sarah reinvigorated the run down library interior into an inviting, curious, and fun environment for kids to embrace the love of books and reading.

The colour scheme has been developed over three themes, The Forest, The City, and The Park, each occupying a department of the library.

Case: Colour Design

Client: Copenhagen Council

Year: 2021  

Industry: Interior Design

Capabilities: Interior Design, Colour Design

Photography: Klaus Langelund Møller

Sarah Trebbien Gottlieb
Colour Design and Art Direction


Rentemestervej 69B, 1. sal
2400 Copenhagen, Denmark