In a cooperation with the Danish agency Femmes Régionales, Sarah art directed a photoshoot at the two starred Michelin restaurant Kadeau in relations to launching the new brand book. Sarah worked as an art director and brand consultant and was responsible for the visual concept of the shoot, and she also did the graphic design and layout of the brand book.

Garde Hvalsøe was established in 1993, their vision is to create unique furniture and interiors with an ever-present focus on pure and honest design. Behind the company today are three cabinet makers and one architect – united in a common professional pride rooted deeply in the nordic design tradition, their aim is to achieve the highest possible level of both aestetics and functionality by the absence of unnecessary details.

Case: Brand book design

Client: Garde Hvalsøe

Year: 2017

Industry: Design, Interior, Kitchens

Capabilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Shoot Concept


Sarah Trebbien Gottlieb
Colour Design and Art Direction


Rentemestervej 69B, 1. sal
2400 Copenhagen, Denmark