Sarah was responsible for the creative shoot direction of the brand campaign for the Danish jewellery brand Therese Mørch. The campaign emphasizes the brand’s ethos of elevating the everyday.

Therese Mørch integrates concepts of honest simplicity with material respect in relatable designs. As a jeweller she aims to balance essential principles of traditional crafts and goldsmithing with technology in personal style and adaptable, highly bespoke results that portray the wearer in our time. The results are unique, bold and contemporary, yet timelessly classic.

These pieces and collections are not mere adornment, but invitations to celebrate life and rite through some of the Planet's most precious materials.

Case: Campaign images

Client: Therese Mørch

Year: 2021

Industry: Jewellery, Design, Art Direction

Capabilities: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Shoot Concept


Sarah Trebbien Gottlieb
Colour Design and Art Direction


Rentemestervej 69B, 1. sal
2400 Copenhagen, Denmark